How old are you?

I was born on December 17, 2004 which makes me 11 years old.

What’s your ethnicity?

My ethnicity is Filipino.

Where are you from?

I was born and currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA.

Can I make a request for a video?

Sure, contact me with your request.

Is your name Mya or Jerimya?

My official name on my birth certificate is Jerimya, but my family and friends just call me Mya.

How did you end up making web videos?

My dad introduced me to YouTube, and I loved it. He said anyone can upload a video for people to watch. Since he is a videographer and I enjoy being on camera, it was inevitable that we created our first tutorial video called How To Make Homemade Playdough. I was amazed strangers were watching, liking, and sharing my video. People subscribed and requested more videos to be made, so we made a few more.

One video in particular went viral. My Beatbox video appeared on popular news sites and was even featured on TV. It got the attention of a producer from PBS Parents who wanted to sponsor more videos to be made. That’s when my Full Time Kid channel got created which helped me reach an even wider audience.

I had the pleasure of working with different video production studios which helped me gain industry experience, and I’m looking forward to even more opportunities in the future. I’m especially thankful for the fans giving me positive feedback. 😉